Grace Ed Kowalczyk

Grace   Ed Kowalczyk

Spend a little time standin’ on the front lines
And you really can’t talk at all
Your mind begins to wonder
Is there any love at all?

The photographs you took
Yeah, there was somethin’ in their eyes
Every saint used to be a sinner
Every man used to be a child
You said it was all in inside my mind

You were wrong, there was grace
You saw the enemy, I saw your face
People like you and I, spinnin’ through space
You were wrong, I still have faith

Every time I feel the sunshine

I thank the Lord up above
For seein’ somethin’ I couldn’t see at all
Comin’ down hard, the feelin’s all gone

Where are we gonna hide?
My wings are feelin’ clipped now
And all I wanna do is fly
Somethin’s gotta give

Get up, stand up, see through it
Gotta get this message to you
You said life don’t mean a thing
That there’s no reason left to dream